The Dutch Techno DJ George Andrew, a.k.a Joris Turenhout, has been actively perusing his passion for electronic music for the past years. This passion started at a young age. At the age of 16, Joris attended a party where Gabber music was played. He was hooked instantly. After a few years of enjoying his favorite music, he found his true love: Techno. He has been partying every weekend on Techno music ever since. However, he wanted more. Joris started to imagine how these Techno tunes were mixed together and his first thought was: “I can do better”. He decided to buy proper equipment and started to mix all kinds of tunes by himself. This was not unnoticed and eventually led to DJ-performances in Spain and The Netherlands.

DJ George Andrew has also been active as a producer. His style is mostly known for the melodic sounds followed by a hard bass drop. Combining his own music with others makes every performance unique.